See below for professional resources to support CVD prevention in Cheshire and Merseyside. More resources to be added shortly.

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Happy Hearts professional resources

There's a wealth of information for professionals to support the programme...

High Blood Pressure resources

Cheshire & Merseyside community high blood pressure testing guidelines (for use outside of general practice) can be found here

Printable A5 Blood Pressure Chart to support conversations about what BP numbers mean can be found here

The Cheshire & Merseyside cross-sector strategy for tackling high blood pressure, 'Saving lives: Reducing the pressure' can be found here

Cheshire & Merseyside 'Saving lives: Reducing the pressure' Annual Report 2018 can be found here

Hypertension in pregnancy: diagnosis and management NICE guideline (published June 2019) can be found here

C&M Health and Care Partnership High Blood Pressure Quality Improvement Event, March 2019

On 5th March 2019 a C&M Blood Pressure Quality Improvement event was held in partnership with NHS RightCare, Public Health England, British Heart Foundation, Champs Public Health Collaborative, NHS England, and NICE.

Event objectives included understanding the local picture and opportunities (the ‘size of the BP prize’) to improve high blood pressure diagnosis and management across the sub-region, and exploration of next steps

Event powerpoint slides

Size of the Blood Pressure Prize for local CCGs

The ‘Size of the Blood Pressure Prize’ for Cheshire and Merseyside CCGs (2016/17 and 2017/18) is outlined in local BP data packs, click on links below:

Eastern Cheshire CCG
Halton CCG
Knowsley CCG
Liverpool CCG
South Cheshire CCG
South Sefton CCG
Southport and Formby CCG
St Helens CCG
Vale Royal CCG
Warrington CCG
West Cheshire CCG
Wirral CCG

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) resources

Professional MECC resources can be found here

Public MECC leaflet can be found here

C&M MECC Moments website for signposting, resources and a communications and engagement campaign toolkit can be found here

Local service directories:

Cheshire East
Cheshire West & Chester
St Helens

Stroke Resources

Stroke prevention resources for professionals from the Stroke Association can be found here

CVD Prevention Resources

CVD prevention resources for professionals from the Royal College of Nursing can be found here

PHE Healthmatters Preventing CVD Guidance 2019 can be found here

National Ambitions for CVD prevention can be found here

Size of the prize for Cheshire and Merseyside (2015/16) can be found here

Atrial Fibrillation Resources

The Pan London AF Toolkit which contains useful information about projects that have worked across the country can be found here

AF Budget Impact Model (for use by CCGs, to look at costs and cost savings for different options for AF and stroke prevention) can be found here

Imperial College Health Partners 'Atrial Fibrillation High Impact Intervention Tool' can be found here

Presentations from the Cheshire & Merseyside workshop for the delivery of better Atrial Fibrillation Care - November 2019

Dr Bruce Taylor - SCN & HCP Primary Care CVD Advisor

Gregory Lip - Price-Evans Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK 

Dr Joe Mills - Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Cardiac Lead, North-West Coast Clinical Network Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS FT

Jon Develing - Director of Strategic Partnerships, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Julia Reynolds - Associate Director, Innovation Agency

Cholesterol Resources

The Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) Implementation Guide from PHE can be found here

Cheshire & Merseyside Lipid Programme Clinical and Commissioning Pathway can be found here

Cheshire & Merseyside Lipid Programme Evaluation can be found here

Cheshire & Merseyside Lipid Programme End report can be found here

PHE Health Matters updates

Facts, resources and information on major public health issues for professionals from PHE can be found here

PHE NHS Health Check Best Practice Guidance

Guidance for commissioners and providers of NHS Health Checks can be found here


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