Reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke during COVID-19 - Click here



Guidelines and evidence



 Without skipping a beat: The case for better cardiovascular care after coronavirus (March 2021)






 Cardiovascular considerations for patients, staff and systems during COVID-19 


  Cardiac involvement in Covid-19 patients: Risk factors, predictors and complications


 Delivering  healthcare remotely to cardiovascular patients during Covid-19: A rapid review of the evidence.




   Place and causes of acute cardiovascular mortality during the Covid-19 pandemic

  Features of 20,133 patients in hospital with Covid-19 using ISARIC WHO clinical characterisation protocol: Prospective observational cohort study


   Delivering Diabetes care during the Covid-19 pandemic: The 'new normal' 


 British Journal of Cardiology Covid-19 Bulletin April 2020



Summary paper by PHE detailing key findings of an umbrella review by the University of Liverpool examining the evidence of associations between CVD risk factors, CVD and COVID-19



Cardiovascular disease and COVID-19: Recovering cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment from the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2021)

          Heart Failure Pathway

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